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Our flag football plays, combined with Wristband Interactive, will Guarantee a successful season. Check out this video.

Wristband Interactive is an online tool that allows you to add your flag football plays to every player’s wrist.

Approximately 65% of a football game is spent in the huddle or in transition from play to play. Wristband Interactive will speed up your huddle and increases playing time substantially. This is a great communication tool and will dramatically improve your team’s performance.

Every player should have a wristband, not just the quarterback. With a wristband on every player, you simply call the play (1 thru 8) and everyone instantly knows their assignment. Imagine a playbook that every player has on their wrist at all times. This is the perfect tool, regardless of experience level or sophistication, to develop a simplistic and efficient game plan that everyone can easily understand.

  • Improve communication with teammates
  • Select from hundreds of plays
  • Reduce explanations in the huddle
  • Print for your entire team
  • Clearly illustrate each player’s assignment
  • Fits any size wristband
  • Audible from the line of scrimmage
  • Run the hurry up, no huddle offense
  • Increase actual playing time
  • Win the close games!
  • New – Add defensive plays

Wristband Interactive is not only for a hurry up offense, however. It also helps you to stay organized, reduce chatter in the huddle, catch the opposing defense off-guard and easily illustrate everyone’s exact assignment. Effective communication, in any team sport, is a critical component for success. Let us show you why Wristband Interactive wins games!

All of the features and benefits of Wristband Interactive are designed with one ultimate goal in mind – simplify the game and make it easier to communicate!