Flag Football Plays - Playbooks for Youth and Adult Players
  • 4 Man Playbook

    4 on 4 Playbook - 106 Plays!

    Whether you’re playing in a league, or putting together a 4 on 4 pick-up game, we’ve got the best flag football plays for you! Our 4 man playbooks are littered with hundreds of offense and defensive football plays, drills, tips and strategies. Playbook Details
    4 Man Football Play

    4 on 4
  • 5 Man Playbook

    5 on 5 Playbook - 102 Plays!

    Check out our 5 on 5 playbook complete with flag football plays designed to deliver winning results! With over 100 color-coded plays and drills to choose from, you’ll never be at a loss for strategies. Playbook Details
    5 Man Football Play

    5 on 5
  • 6 Man Playbook

    6 on 6 Playbook - 163 Plays!

    Our 6 on 6 flag football plays will give you the tools to outsmart your opponents on the field. Check out our adult and youth playbooks for the color-coded plays, drills, tips and strategies you need to win! Playbook Details
    6 Man Football Play

    6 on 6
  • 7 Man Playbook

    7 on 7 Playbook - 256 Plays!

    Our flag football plays will allow you improve team performance quickly by simplifying your game plan and improving communication. Start outsmarting your competition on and off the field! Playbook Details
     7 Man Football Play

    7 on 7
  • 8 Man Playbook

    8 on 8 Playbook - 151 Plays!

    With over 100 flag football plays to choose from, our 8 on 8 playbook is sure to give your team plenty of tips, strategies, and drills to work with. Start practicing today! Playbook Details
    8 Man Football Play

    8 on 8

Wristband Interactive ™

Dr G’s flag football plays from Flag Football Strategies were designed to deliver winning results to your team. They say an organized team is a winning team! If you are looking improve your team's performance fast, download our online flag football playbooks now!

Change your plays at anytime and print again!

Everyone on your team should have a wristband with play inserts, including linemen.

The concept of using wristbands became real to me when my football team was down 28-0 at the half against the best team in the league. By avoiding huddles and calling plays from the line, we managed a major comeback and won 29-28, in the playoffs. Approximately 68% of a football is spent in the huddle (or in transition from play to play). If you are behind, and can’t afford to huddle, you will love this tool. It's also nice for the quick scores before the half.Wristband Interactive is not only for a hurry up offense, however. It also helps you to stay organized, reduce chatter in the huddle, catch the opposing defense off-guard and easily illustrate everyone’s exact assignment. Effective communication, in any team sport, is a critical component for success. The combination of our flag football plays and Wristband Interactive, our interactive football play designer wins games...

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