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5 on 5 Flag Football Plays

We have 5 on 5 flag football plays and strategies for youth and adults. Our 5 man playbooks are color-coded and include hundreds of offense and defensive plays, drills, tips and strategies.
4 on 4 flag football plays
    Instant Download!

Adult Playbook

• 813 plays!
• Run and pass plays
• Basic & trick plays
• Multiple formations
• Color-coded for easy use
• Tips, Drills, Strategy
• Route Trees
• Win more games

4 man youth flag football playbook
    Instant Download!

Youth Playbook

• 743 plays!
• Run and pass plays
• Basic & trick plays
• Multiple formations
• Color-coded for easy use
• Great for coaching kids
• Simplistic schemes
• Win more games

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Offense Plays
Defense Plays
4 man flag football
flag football defense

Strategy is Everything! Our 4 man flag football plays will give you the tools you need to stun your opponents. We have hundreds of plays, both offense and defense, available for instant download. Preparation and a good strategy is the secret to success. Make sure you have all the tools you need to dominate your opponent.      

Football Play Designer


Wristband Interactive

Wristband Interactive ™ is football's greatest invention! Imagine if every player on your team wore a wristband with your top perfoming plays in it. Using our color-coded, numbered based play calling system, you'd be unstopable! Wristband interactive improves communication, speeds up the huddle (if you even need one) and makes the game easier to manage.

flag football plays          

More 5 man Flag Football Products


Football Play Designer

Create your own football plays with our football play designer. Drag and drop your players and routes real time. Players are color coded for easy distinction. Once your perfect game plan is created, you can print wristband inserts or four, six or twelve plays per sheet (on 8.5 x 11 printouts). You can also print one huge, high resolution play on an 8.5 x 11. This is a must see.



Wristband Interactive:

Wristband Interactive is an online tool that allows you to mobilize your playbook. Streamline communication and add your playbook to every player’s wrist coach!  Approximately  65% of a football game is spent in the huddle or in transition from play to play.  Wristband Interactive will speed up your huddle and increases playing time substantially.   This is a great communication tool and will dramatically improve your team’s performance.



Flipbook Interactive:

Flipbooks are 8.5 x 11, high resolution print outs designed to illustrate a play to a large group.  These are great for huddles since the plays are large, color-coded, and easy to read.  While flipbooks are great for all ages, including adults, they are very effective for the younger kids that need a large, simplistic view of the play.  The plays fit perfectly in a 3 ring binder.



Youth Coaching Guide:

Youth Coaching Guide - SIMPLIFY your game plan, improve communication and GUARANTEE a great experience for your KIDS! The youth coaching guide includes strategies, tips, drills and great practice ideas that are easy to implement for Kids Flag Football.



Youth Coaching Kit:

The 4 Man Youth Coaching Kit includes everything you need to manage an efficient team. With the youth coaching kit, you get a downloadable 4 man playbook, the Youth Coaching Guide, Wristband Interactive and Flipbook Interactive. This option will save you 15%.



Front Yard Football Plays:

When the season is over, keep the kids engaged in football with our front yard football playbook. The "Sandlot Playbook" has over 100 plays for 2, 3 and 4-man scenarios. SIMPLIFY your game plan, dominate the neighborhood and GUARANTEE a great experience for your kids!




Yes, we do carry high quality under armour wristbands. Wrist coach products include youth, adult and adult doubles. Buy them in packs and save!


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